Iron Armada

An Eve Online wartime alliance.

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Who We Are

Iron Armada is a null-sec wartime alliance.

A group that strives to push the bounds of what's possible within game mechanics to achieve victory. Not one to make excuses for failure, only to ensure we learn every lesson.

Combat pilots cut from a team oriented nature, ready to dedicate time and effort to ensuring solid doctrine and performance.

The Heathens

This is our campaign video of a war we fought in and around Wicked Creek.

Spring Vacation

An example of a Iron Deployment.

The Billboard War

Don't poke sandcastles. Iron Armada versus Madhouse, Manifesto, and friends.

Iron Fwederation

The battle of D2-HOS versus Snuffed Out.

In-Game Recruitment Channel


Diplomatic Contact

Discord: Tridgit#1925