Who We Are

Iron Armada is looking for all types of players. As we are a wartime alliance, we expect everyone to be able to fight and participate in our campaigns, including our industrialists. We are looking for individuals or groups of individuals that want to be a part of a well practiced and competent team. We have many internal divisions that are specialties tailored as force multipliers, so pilots have the option to dive deeper into an elite team that suits their interest.

What We Expect

As our expectations on individuals is high, we hold regular training fleets and discussions as well as have individual training resources to ensure our doctrine is well versed to our pilots. This comes with an expectation for everyone to learn and understand and use the training resources. One of our core culture touchstones: Everyone has something to learn.

Who We Are Looking For

We do not recruit corporations. Our method over the past three years has been to build one team, with one drive, towards our goals. It has been shockingly effective, and because of our solid core we do not suffer the trials and tribulations of fledgling alliances. Stability is our key. Our leadership team is merit based and has turnover based on time availability and competency in role, allowing new and younger faces to try their hand at the wheel.

Code of Conduct

Our community is a tolerant and non controversial space. We have people from many walks of life, and as such we do not condone racism or bigotry of any kind, we stay away from political or religious discussions, and we mind our offensive label language. With that being said, we swear like pirates and have no filter on cusswords. Our intention is not to stifle chat or drastically filter what people say, we just provide and maintain a more mature atmosphere in line with our inclusive ideals. Our full Code of Conduct can be viewed below.